Sec 4 & 5

Info on Education and Career Pathways

Briefing notes by Mr Benjamin Png, 19 June 2020

2020 EAE DSA 19 Jun 2020.pdf

For GCE O Level Students

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For GCE N Level Students

Interview Tips

Common Interview Questions_Poly EAE.pdf

For poly Eae

common interview question

Common Interview Questions_ITE EAE.pdf

for ite eae

common interview questions

Information Note on 2020 DSA-JC Exercise.pdf

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Singapore Poly

In light of the upcoming EAE applications, we would love to collaborate with you to provide your secondary 4 students with some fun and interesting activities pertaining to EAE on our social media platforms. You can simply share with your students the video we have attached.

The purpose of this video is to engage the secondary 4 students through a fun and interesting online problem-solving mystery game on Instagram. The end of the game would lead them to more useful resources pertaining to EAE (i.e. ways to create a video for their video submission in their EAE application) and our various business courses, that would be beneficial for their post-secondary school consideration.

From the Student Agency, part of Singapore Polytechnic's School of Business.

Video for Mystery Game.mp4

Republic poly

All EAE applications start 25 June.

Exclusive invitation to RP (Republic Poly) e-consultation for Sec 4 & 5 on 23 & 24 June.

Limited slots! Register now at

RP EAE e-consult meeting link.pdf
RP EAE Booklet _June 2020.pdf


NIEC will be conducting two virtual live talks this Sat, which we think will interest students who are keen to find out what preschool teacher does, and also how to ace their EAE application for application of our courses in NP and TP. We hope you can help to share the news with students and encourage those who are keen to apply for Early Childhood EAE courses to join in. Details of the talks are as below:

Session 1:

Date: 20 June, 11am

Topic: Life of a preschool teacher

Hear from our graduate and get the scoop on what working with our youngest (and cutest!) learners is really like.

Click here to join the talk on 20 June, 11am

Session 2:

Date: 20 June, 11.30am

Topic: Ace your EAE application

Get the details on applying for EAE, plus exclusive tips for your write-up, portfolio and interview at our Ace Your EAE Live Talk.

Click here to join the talk on 20 June, 11.30am

We have also set up a website just for graduating O-level students who are keen to find out more about early childhood EAE and training. This website contains all the information the students will need on our courses, early childhood training as well learning environments. Students can also take part in taster lessons and complete a quiz to get a e-certificate that they can include in their EAE portfolio. Click here for the website.

Temasek Poly

TP EAE_guide_2020.pdf
TP EAEguidev4 Design Portfolio.pdf

DPP Fact Sheet

2020 DPP Factsheet for Students.pptx

PFP Fact Sheet

2020 PFP Factsheet for Students.pptx

ITE EAE info

ITE EAE 2021 Intake Factsheet (revised)_1.pdf
ITE EAE FAQs (2021 Intake) (revised).pdf

Announcement on ITE EAE

  • Mode of Interview – MS Teams (use web version, don’t have to download app) Just click on the link that ITE sent will launch the platform.

  • Number of lecturers at the Interview – at least 2 Lecturers

  • Duration of interview 10 to 15 min.

Students need to verify their identity. In other words, you have to show your student identification and show your face during the process.

  • Portfolio – will be requested via email.

  • Aptitude test – if course requires. They will be informed via email.

  • Eye sight test- link is sent to them. (will be further verified at matriculation so please don’t lie about the result)

  • Special requests- If SEN students need teacher/AED support beside them, please email to get approval before the session.

  • Postponement of interview – Yes for valid reasons, email to request.

All shortlisted candidates will receive the notification by 21 June 2020. First interview will be on 23 June Tuesday.