7 October 2017

To parents,

Please take note of the following:


Pupils will be seating for their speaking test on Monday, 9 October 2017. Please revise all the STELLAR texts ( STELLAR file ).

You can go through these questions with your child:

1. Why do you like this book?

Why is it interesting?

Pupils can mention about the characters which make them like this book.

Any moral values that they learn from this book?

Did the book remind them of any particular occasion in their life?

2. Which part do you like the most? Why?

Pupils need to explain in detail why they like that particular part of the story.

Is it funny? Did it teach them anything?

They can share what they wonder about that part of the story or on certain character.

3. Can you tell me what is happening in this part?

4. Do you like to read? Why?

They can think of the benefits of reading.