Sec 1NA Math Home-Based Learning

Dear all,

This site is used for your lessons and revision.

This is a shared site for lessons for all Sec 1 Normal Academic students.

NOTE: Students who are not from Mrs Valerie Loh's class are welcome to use this website for your revision. However, please do not submit any of your work into this site.

Thank you.

***For my class students, please refer to the calendar below for information on what you need to do and prepare for my lessons.***

You will find the following:

1) Lessons - The lesson for particular Chapter. All items must be completed for the each unit.

2) Homework Submission - Where you upload all your homework in PDF file into the respective homework folder.

Upon completion, please take picture of all the pages of your homework and save it into ONE PDF file.

File name should be in the following format: Index number_Name_Homework

Eg: 3_Mrs Loh_TB Ex1B

25_Mrs Loh_WB PN1A

3) Marked Assignments - Your marked assignments.

4) Solutions, answers and video answers for past homework and assignments.