Making travel the best sort of adventure

Modalgo is the new platform that will illuminate people’s travel as a game full of fun and insights.

We have built our first prototypes with innovation funding from the Department of Transport and award-winning participation in the LM Labs accelerator.

The Story So Far

Charles Hunter, Matt Watkins and David Alexander founded Modalgo in 2016 to realise our common vision of integrated, human-centered travel.

Matt and Charles, at Mudlark, launched Chromaroma, which used players’ Oyster Card data to turn their travel round London into a game.

Developing their vision for a game-app that covers all a player’s travel, they got together with David, CEO of Mydex CIC , which has pioneered the development of person-centred data collection, storage and sharing, an essential element of integrated insights.

Together they realised that by adding a dash of data independence and a pinch of game design to a base of travellers who want to play with and understand their travel, they’d created the recipe for a secret sauce. A sauce that can put the traveller back at the heart of transport.

Modalgo’s approach to personal data and our background in gaming means we can forge the missing link that will provide trusted, ongoing, two-way feedback, data and insights between travellers and all aspects of their travel and mobility across modes and systems.


Modalgo Limited

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