PFES Family Book Club

The goal: to carve out some quality family time to read a book together as a family and talk about it.

This is how it works: Parents (or the student) read aloud the book chosen to the family and talk about it as the family reads through it. Why talk about it? Because when we, as adults discuss a topic (of any sort), we come to a new understanding of the topic. It is the same way for children. We need to model for them how to think, clarify their understanding, form an opinion, and ask questions, in order to help them become critical readers and thinkers. This helps children learn how to problem solve and make good decisions. What a fun way to learn how to do all that!!

For the School Year 2016-17, look for an announcement in October!

All families will receive their own copy of the book!

History of PFES Family Book Club

We are a member of the non-profit organization called One Book, One School, that is a nation-wide effort to promote family literacy. It is really awesome to be part of something bigger than our school and even our county, knowing that others across the country are encouraging families to read and talk about the same book. More information about this organization may be found at

The Big Picture

Every year a committee chooses a book to be read during a six week period that ends in a reading celebration. The last few years, we began reading in January and celebrated right before Dr. Seuss' birthday, March 2nd! If you are interested in helping on the committee in any way, please contact the reading team at PFES. The time commitment is usually two meetings and then followed up with emails.