Technology Help for Families

Inclement Weather Attendance

Students in K through 5th grades will be taking attendance using a form shared in Google Classroom.

Students in 6th through 12th grades will be taking attendance using a form shared in Google Classroom.


Top three tips to ensure best Chromebook performance.

Learn about signing in and the basics of using a Chromebook.

Accessibility tools are things like voice-to-text, automatic text reading, and screen magnification.

Highlight text and use the Chromebook accessibility features to hear text read aloud.

What to do when things get messy.

If you have a very young student, you will need to make bookmarks for them so they can easily get to the websites they need.

Istation is a a learn to read program. This tutorial show you how to help your young child to sign in.

My Child's Chromebook is Broken

If your child is a remote only learner, please call (540) 381-6165 Option 1. If the Chromebook needs to be repaired, your child will receive a loaner. The help desk is available M-F, 8:00am-3:00pm.

If your child attends school in person, your child should contact either their teacher or the library media specialist at the school.

Google Classroom and Google Meet

If you are having a virtual parent-teacher conference, your child's teacher will share an invitation to a Google Meet. This video explains how to join the conference.

Your child will need to join each of his teacher's classrooms. This video will show you how.

Learn how Google Classroom works so you can best help your child.

Meet is the video conferencing tool we will use for remote instruction. This video shows you how to access and use Meet.

As a parent, you can't join a Google Classroom, but you can receive a weekly report of all your child's activities.

This written guide walks you through everything you need to know about Classroom as a parent.

Google Classroom generate a lot of email. Watch this to learn how to control or turn off these notices.

Internet Filtering with Securly

Securly is the Internet filter MCPS uses on your child’s Chromebook and Google account. Students are filtered on and off campus. As a parent, you can review and receive email notifications of your child’s Internet activity using Securly. Complete this form if you would like to sign up for an account. Please submit a separate form for each student.

Follow this link to sign up for reports from Securly, our Internet filtering software