Remote Instruction

Instructional Planning Resources for Remote Teaching

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If you click on a resource and get a message that you do not have access to view it, please check to make sure that you are logged in with your account. Many resources on this page are set so that anyone with the link can view, but some resources are specific to MCPS in Virginia.

Hybrid and Remote Instruction Classroom Setup

Written directions for how to set up your classroom for synchronous remote or hybrid instruction.

Video directions showing you how to set up your classroom for synchronous remote or hybrid instruction.

Google Classroom

Learn the basics of Google Classroom with an 8 minute video

Written tutorial (with screenshots) that covers all the basics of getting started with Classroom

A collection of videos covering everything from the basics of Classroom to tips for using it most effectively

A link to the Google Classroom Help Center containing answers to all Google Classroom questions

A video showing teachers how to invited their class to a Google Classroom Using PowerSchool

For teachers, how to see what students are completing

A guide to help teachers set up their classroom for success

Google Meet

A video tutorial covering all the basics of using Meet

Written directions for using Google Meet with some suggestions of best practices

Written directions for presenting your screen in a Meet

Step-by-step video tutorial for teachers showing how to present your screen during a Meet

When you are using Meet on your Chromebook and you want to see both your class and your work on the same screen, you will need to split the screen. Students will need to do this, too.

Make a copy and add your own bitmoji!

Written directions for how to remove a student and then how to let them back in.


Kami Basics: Overview of how to begin using Kami and make a Kami assignment in Google Classroom

Grading Assignments with Kami :Use all of the tool to respond to your students work with Kami

Kami for Students: Show this video to your students to teach them how to use Kami to complete and turn assignments.

Instructional and Communication Resources

Screencastify to Record Teaching

Screencastify allows you to easily record screencasts, videos where you can record what's on your computer screen along with webcam video and/or narration. Screencastify works as a Google Chrome extension and seamlessly saves videos into your Google Drive.

If you have questions about how to use Screencastify, please contact your ITRT.

A quick set of directions for getting your Screencastify videos into Google Classroom so students can see them

Contains short tutorials on everything you need to know to use Screencastify

Watch short videos from Screencastify containing tips, tricks, and tutorials

An extensive list of ideas for how to use Screencastify in conjunction with Google Classroom

A list of how to use Screencastify with other Google apps

Online Whiteboards for Teachers and Students

Online whiteboards can meet a variety of instructional needs. This slideshow delivers basic information about a number of sites so you can choose the one that best meets the needs of your students.

Other Resources

A document with ideas, resources, and simple tutorials all in one place.

This PDF contains everything you need to know to use Pear Deck in a remote and/or hybrid environment.

You can copy your planning and teaching files from your H Drive to your Google Drive. Google Drive is accessible anywhere in the event that you are not teaching from the school building.

If you decide to record instruction using camera app on your smart phone or iPad, follow these directions for getting those files into your Google Drive.

You can use the Chromebook without WiFi. Follow these directions.

It's not simple, but you have some choices when it comes to making pdfs editable.

Need to use someone else's computer but don't want to change their tabs or sign them out of Google? Follow these directions to switch users on a desktop.

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