About Us

Mobile Perspectives delivers both consulting services and solutions to enable clients to meet their goals.  Our consultants can work as advisors or problem solvers or leaders, external to or embedded into your team, on a project or hourly basis, or as temp staffing to fill gaps in your organization. 

Mobile Perspectives provides resources focused in the areas where our help is most needed.  This can include career coaching, leadership development consulting, communications or business strategy, technology consulting, and also civic leadership and community development support services.  We are leaders who excel in communications, business and personal development, and strategy definition.  We look forward to helping clients meet their challenges head on.  

Our expertise aids organizations in many ways:

Mobile Perspectives is a consultancy delivering excellence in services and technology informed by a team of leaders who bring an international knowledge base and unique perspective to the table.  Our mobile perspective has been developed through years of management experience and leadership development in corporate, small business and non-profit environments, through life enriched by the cultural experience of living in four countries, and through a depth of expertise in communications and digital technologies.

Mobile Perspectives is based in Chicago, Illinois.