educate.  coordinate.  re-locate.

MNRDI is a project of MARATP (Minnesota Alliance of Rural Addiction Treatment Programs)

MNRDI Mission

to help Minnesotans find detox and provide needed relief to the state’s critical access hospitals

 The Minnesota Rural Detox Initiative will help critical access hospitals across Minnesota place SUD (Substance Use Disorder) individuals at the closest, quickest, and most relevant level of care for addiction detox and treatment.


Fully accessible printed and online training for nurses and other healthcare professionals. Giving them the tools to interact and help those who struggle with substance use disorder.


A systemized approach to communication, prioritizing the patients’ needs from one healthcare facility to another to make their transition comfortable and stable.


Transportation from first responder or point of contact to the appropriate level of care that fits the patient’s individual needs. (Detoxification, high intensity treatment, etc.)


The mnRDI map shows where each of Minnesota's 77 critical access hospitals are located in the state marked by a color coded blip for each region. The mnRDI icon shows where the nearest detox facility is located in relation to the hospital.

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