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IB Approaches to Learning skills

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Jon Peterson interviewing the Exeter College students

We've now interviewed three groups of IBDP students about their CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) experiences. 

These 14 students from the US, India and the UK share similar, but also individual experiences. Its a great way to better understand the value of this critical part of the Diploma Programme Core requirements. 

Check out the three episodes on the CAS Student Experiences page. 

Our MNIB mission statement: 

"We are courageous leaders supporting those in the IB community who are implementing IB programs, building connections, removing barriers, and creating systems that increase access for all.

By doing this, young people, families, and educators in the IB community will have a voice, engage in meaningful learning, cultivate their geniuses, and celebrate their successes."

Check out the new section of our MNIB web page featuring our MNIB Mission and the work we are doing. You can link to the podcast detailing the process and see some of the first things that our members want to do using the mission as our guide. Go to the 'Living our Mission' page at MNIB.

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'Behind the scenes' at IB Matters

Garageband screenshot

Here's a look behind the scenes in case you're curious about how it all comes together.

I took a screenshot midway through the editing of a recent episode to show you how it looks in-process. You'll see some gaps in the lower (guest) track where I took out some static coming through.

At this point in the screenshot I am approximately halfway and you can see all the edits to the left and what is yet to be edited to the right. The other tracks (in grey) are the introduction, the post-roll music and the theme music you hear under the pre-roll and post-roll.

In this shot, I haven't yet recorded the pre-roll or post-roll - that's what the first and fifth tracks are waiting for in the template. 

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Please listen to this podcast featuring four outstanding MNIB voices of compassion and support as they  share their feelings after the killing of George Floyd in our community here in Minnesota.

Anne Lalonde Laux, Chad Owen, Jenny Magdal, and Angela Wilcox speak of how they hope to help students and teachers make lasting changes in schools after the terrible events of the past weeks.

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