Welcome to the 2020 Fall Season.

Your coach this fall will be Pat Straughan, who can be contacted at

Your schedule of practices has been emailed to all families, along with detailed information on the Field Hockey program for this year. Please see a copy of that letter below.

Thanks for your interest. More info soon.

September 10, 2020

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians,

Fall Athletics at CHMS will start on Monday, September 14, 2020. All practices and games will be held by student’s assigned group rotations:

  • Group A will practice on Monday and Thursday

  • Group B will practice on Tuesday and Friday

For Soccer and Field Hockey, each ”group team” will have a home and away experience. Cross country runners will have one meet with BRMS for each group. The practice and game schedule is below.

Practices will be run until 4:15/4:20 each day, with parent pick-up between 4:20-4:30. There is NO BUS SERVICE at 4:30pm. We will be organizing pick-up areas as follows:

      • XC - In front of Gymnasium

      • Soccer - In front of main school entrance

      • Field Hockey - in front of bus shelter

Student athletes should bring their athletic attire (water bottle, mouth guard) in a separate bag/container and change prior to practice here in the school. Students will have access to their grade level team’s single use bathroom for changing purposes.

Please complete this permission form CHMS FALL 2020 ATHLETIC PARTICIPATION FORM. This form needs to be completed prior to any student participating in their chosen sport.



  • Any athlete who is remote learning and not in school does not practice/participate that day after school (NO exceptions during the week). There will be no practices on Wednesdays as this is a remote day for all students.

Safety Precautions

Facial coverings are required to be worn by all players, coaches, officials, staff and spectators at all times. During times when athletes are not actively participating in practice or competition appropriate physical distancing should be maintained. Teams will structure team meetings to limit congregation and ensure physical distancing between players on the sidelines or benches.


  • No water bottles carriers for team use will be given out for the 2020 sports season. ALL athletes are required to supply their own water bottle which can be taken home and washed at regular intervals with soap and water.

  • Equipment routinely used by the team (balls, sticks, pads, helmets, etc) must be disinfected after each daily use with a diluted bleach solution or disinfectant wipes.

  • Mouthguards must be stored appropriately in a case or resealable bag after each use. Athletes should be encouraged to wash mouthguards frequently with soap and water.

  • Athletes should be encouraged to wash all personal equipment (pads, gloves, practice uniforms) at the end of each week.

  • Adequate cleaning schedules have been created and implemented for all athletic facilities to mitigate any communicable diseases.

  • No use of the weight room is permitted due to restrictions in building access and safety concerns for participants, CHMS faculty, and custodial staff.

  • Team assigned bathrooms will be used for changing BEFORE practice only. No athletes will be allowed to socialize in/return to the building after practice.

Personal Protection

  • There shall be no spitting on the field or sideline.

  • All athletes are encouraged to limit touching their faces by bringing a sweat towel for each practice. Athletes do NOT share towels.

  • Team huddles will be socially distant and postgame handshakes with other teams will not happen.

  • Athletes and coaches should practice proper health habits such as coughing/sneezing into their elbows, utilizing and properly disposing of tissues, and limiting close contact with anyone who is sick or shows symptoms.

  • Athletes and coaches should utilize hand sanitizer or soap and water for 20 seconds to disinfect hands as needed and prior to returning home after each practice/event.


  • Any athlete exhibiting signs of a respiratory illness (coughing, shortness of breath, excessive fatigue) or a fever must cease participation in sport activity immediately and be referred to their guardian/parent or school nurse for evaluation.

  • Any sick athlete will be sent home and will NOT be encouraged to stay and watch practice/games. Under NO circumstances will a sick athlete be allowed to travel to away events with the team.

  • In accordance with the state guidance, a person needs to be 24 hour symptom-free without help or medication.

  • Health questions are supposed to be asked at home, while temperature checks will happen at school.

  • No athlete or coach who has been in contact with someone who is showing signs of COVID-19 or has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days will be allowed to participate unless given clearance from a medical professional.

  • It would be good practice for parents to notify the school nurse or coaches if their child is sick providing a brief description of symptoms.

  • Should a pattern of illness emerge within a team or group of athletes the staff will alert school administration in accordance with FERPA regulations.

  • Any special alterations to procedures or sport activity as determined to be necessary by the above groups will be communicated to the involved parties and/or the CHMS community in a timely manner so as to facilitate changes immediately.

Spectator Guidelines

(subject to change)

Limitations on Gatherings: The number of spectators shall be limited as much as possible and measures must be put in place to ensure physical distancing between households. Interactions between spectators and participants must be minimized before, during and after events. With this being said, CHMS is allowing each player and coach’s family members to attend. The same courtesy will be given to the visiting team as well.

  • At no time shall the total number of spectators exceed current limits on event size – currently 150 for outdoor events.

  • Masks MUST be worn by ALL spectators upon exiting their vehicle.

  • Appropriate social distancing should happen on the sidelines. All spectators will sit on the opposite side of the team benches.

  • Indoor facilities are closed to all visiting teams and spectators.

  • NO middle school students will be allowed to enter the event. This includes those athletes who finish practice around the field (will need to leave following practice and not hang around watching the event happening).

As a spectator, if you can not follow any of the bullet points above, then you may be asked to leave the event. If protocols can not be followed, then CHMS holds the right to no longer allow spectators to attend events.

CHMS Field Hockey 2020 season.

Your Coach for this year will be Ms. Straughan. Anytime with questions.

Goals and expectations:

To foster a love and understanding of the game in the safest possible environment. SAFETY AND FUN!

Players should attend on the days they are at school in person.

Any students in virtual academy will be notified which days they can attend.

To encourage responsible participation in team activities—for this reason players are expected to attend all practices and games. We want you with us! You’re part of the team. However, if you are sick STAY HOME! The usual strict attendance guidelines for being eligible to play in games are loosened for this year, but PLEASE NOTIFY ME by text or email if you will not be attending on any given day.

To encourage a healthy routine of exercise—Health forms are not required this year. Just your permission form please. Players are expected to eat healthy meals on practice and game days, and are encouraged to drink plenty of fluids, especially in the mornings of practices and games.

To arrive ready to do our best: You MUST have the safety equipment and water bottle to attend. (See other side for the list).


  • Tentative schedule is attached and posted on the webpage. Listen to announcements each day as things do change.

  • Games will be with BRMS only. 1 scrimmage and 1 match for each group (A and B days). Directions to BRMS are on the website.

  • Practices go until 4:30. There is NO 4:30 BUS. All players will need a pick up at 4:30 PROMPTLY.

  • We do not have a bus home after away games….please make arrangements to carpool or be picked up at BRMS.

Basic Equipment:

  • Stick—bring to every practice and game (if you need a stick the school will supply you with one for the season) to travel on the bus with a stick it must be covered in a bag.

  • Mouthguard—must have to participate in all practices and games (can not be clear—must have colored plastic in it to be allowed in a game). Mouthguards can be purchased from Mr. Carey for $1.00, make sure to do this at least one day before you need it to allow molding time.

  • Shin guards—must cover the whole shin and ankle part of the leg. Shin guards must be worn to participate in all practices and games.

  • Protective Eye Wear— all players must wear either protective goggles or lacrosse style “cages.” Players will need these at all games. We do have a limited supply owned by the school for players to borrow.

  • Water bottle—bring this to all games and practices—you will not have time to go to the water fountain once practice or games begin.

  • Appropriate clothing—we will be outside in all types of weather except thunderstorms—be prepared! Cleats are best, but sneakers are acceptable if you don’t have cleats. Make sure to have a sweatshirt or warm pants to pull on if needed.

Absolutely no jewelry (other than Medic Alert) may be worn during practice or games—this includes earrings, watches, necklaces, rings, metal hair accessories---and any other jewelry I’ve forgotten to list specifically! You will not be allowed to tape any jewelry—it must be removed.