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Camels Hump M.S.

“Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.” -Diane Ackerman

This Week's Message - June 10 , 2022:

The end of the 2021-2022 school year has arrived. This year brought us new experiences, new teachers and leaders, as well as new challenges. We started our year feeling ready to move in a different direction from what our previous school year looked like and felt like. We certainly went in a different direction but one that was unexpected. We once again felt the pressure of how to best navigate teaching and learning while a new wave of COVID was looming over us. We had to implement new protocols, a test-to-stay program, variations to guidelines that were present from the year before, and adjust our plans that we thought were the ‘right’ ones for our school, our students, and our teachers. Yet, we did it! Our entire staff once again stepped up, did what needed to be done, remained calm, dedicated, flexible, supportive, and kept their sense of humor to ensure all CHMS students were taken care of. Thank you families for supporting us, trusting us, being patient and understanding, and working with us. We appreciate you!

We are grateful that we were able to end our school year by bringing back some events that we haven’t been able to host for two years. We had lots of field trips, we honored all our 8th grade students at recognition night, and we held an all school field day.

Our 8th grade recognition night was Monday evening and we really lucked out with absolutely beautiful weather. In addition to celebrating our 8th grade students, we also honored four very special and important staff members who are retiring this year.

Rich Reid, our school psychologist, will be missed. His kind heart, amazing insight, his incredible ability to connect with students and of course his infamous white beard have been appreciated and valued by the CHMS community.

Tami Grimaldo, who has been an educational support professional for 21 years. We will miss her compassion, thoughtfulness, and her absolute love of Camels Hump Middle school and all the students she supported.

Jean Burke, our technology specialist who has also been with us for the past 21 years. We will miss Jean’s tech savvy mind, how she is always one step ahead of us with what we need to do, and of course, we will miss her helpful tips and her ability to troubleshoot student tech issues.

Diane Fitzgerald who has been our head chef for the past 29 years. Diane has been preparing and serving breakfast and lunch every day and does it with a smile always. Diane has been an incredible chef. Her skills are exceptional and she pays close attention to detail. You always know Diane is cooking up a storm when you hear the loud, feel good music that’s playing in the kitchen.

We will miss them all!

Our field day on Wednesday was a team effort to create a schedule in which all students had an opportunity to participate in games, run through an inflatable obstacle course, get dunked in a dunk tank, create colorful banners, have a lunch BBQ and ice cream, and so much more. It was truly such a fun day and everyone, students and staff, were laughing and smiling all day. We all needed a field day.

We wish every family a wonderful summer filled with relaxation, laughter, family time, and calmness.

Best of luck to our Class of 2022 and we are looking forward to welcoming all our students back on Wednesday, August 31st!

News from the CHMS Library:

We have been collecting library books that have been signed out and overdue. We started with close to 400 books that needed to be returned. As of this morning, we were only looking for 17 more books. We celebrated with a school-wide ice cream party!

8th Grade Recognition Night

Field Day!

Thank you Diane!

Thanks you Jean and Tami!

Thank you Rich!

Message from the nurse’s office

Summer Checklist

⬰ Annual Health Update filled out & submitted online

⬰ Immunizations up-to-date?

⬰ Immunization exclusion form turned in (if applicable)

⬰ Prescription Medication order form turned in (if applicable)

⬰ Medications dropped off before start of school (if applicable)

Immunizations: All mandatory immunizations must be up to date or students will be excluded from school per VT state law. Parents will receive notification of missing immunizations, as well as notice of “Exclusion from school,” if no documentation has been received. If you have questions about the immunization requirements, or are uncertain as to whether your child has received them, please contact their healthcare provider (HCP). Parents may exclude their child from receiving immunization for medical or religious reasons. Parents will need to sign an exemption form. After discussing this option with their HCP, send the completed form into the health office. This form is available from your HCP or through the CHMS website. Religious exemption forms must be signed annually.

Medication: If your child needs any medication at school (inhalers, epipens, prescription medications or over-the-counter medications) you will need to submit new documentation before school begins. All prescription medications dispensed at school must be brought in by a parent/guardian, in their original container, including a written medication permission note signed by the doctor and parent. Students may self-carry inhalers, EpiPens, or Glucagon/Baqsimi, if written permission is given by the doctor and parent. Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen medications are stocked in the health office in tablet form, and are only given with written permission. Please provide chewables or liquid meds, if required by your child. Benadryl is only given for a child who is having an allergic reaction.

Sports Physicals: If your student plans to participate in school sports, they need to have a current (current means within the last 2 years of the sports season) sports physical on file BEFORE they begin practices/games.


All forms can be found online under the “School Nurse” section.

Thank you for supporting school health and making this a smooth transition for your student!

Athletics News for the 2022-2023:

2022 CHMS Fall Sports Sign-ups have been emailed to students who will be in grades 7 and 8 beginning in September. The opportunity for 6th graders will be determined by the number of students we have signed-up from 7th and 8th grades. That decision will be made in August.

If your student is interested in playing any sports during the school year, they must have a current physical on file with the nurse. Additionally, a CHMS Athletic Participation Form must be on file with the school. The form can be found through the attached link or on the school website under students/activities/sports tab. Only one form is needed to cover the entire year of sports.

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, August 31: First Day of School!

To sign up- click here

Track is Back! And so is Cross Country! Mt. Mansfield Summer Track and XC Program.

Get On Track in 2022!!!!

We are looking for all interested athletes to participate in the Mt. Mansfield summer track program. We plan on having 3-4 meets this summer hopefully ending with the Vermont Parks and Recreation State Meet. Practices are Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 5:30 to 6:30 (information about registration and meets will be given at 5:15 so please arrive a little early), starting Monday, June 20th and ending on July 16th or 23rd depending on the State Meet. Practices are held at the Mt. Mansfield High School Track. The youngest age group includes all children who turn six years old during 2022, the oldest age group includes all athletes up to those who will turn 15 in 2022. We will also be continuing our summer cross-country program which will meet Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 at Mills Riverside Park in Jericho. You can go to all of the practices or pick and choose which ones you want.

We stress participation, sportsmanship, and having fun. All athletes will be introduced to basic track and field techniques and proper running form. Athletes are encouraged to try all the different events and find out which they like best. All are welcome and we especially need seventh and eighth graders, it’s an excellent way to find out about track before you get to the high school. This program is designed to introduce new athletes to the sport as well as challenge experienced athletes.

The coaching staff will include:

Bill Eschholz - Head Track Coach, Mt. Mansfield High School

Al Sartwell – Asst. XC Coach, Mt. Mansfield High School

Members of the 2022 MMU Track and Field Team

The Chittenden East Youth Football Program is back for 2022 and it’s time to register your kiddos to join their friends on the big field! The Wolverine program runs in the fall, August through October, with a long history of Championship football. Come be a part of a team, build strong relationships, learn life lessons and build memories that will last a life time while learning the game of football. Registration is open for all players in grades 1 through 8. 1st through 4th graders play flag football and 5th through 8th graders play tackle. Practices will start on Monday, August 15. All practices are held behind Jericho Elementary School. Fees are $95.00 (plus $50 in raffle ticket sales) or $145.00 (with no obligation to sell raffle tickets). To register, go to https://forms.gle/88Mr412yK6QiVDHG9 For more information please email Steve or Eva McLaughlin at keepgrowing2@gmail.com