Director: Peter Hallen

Peter Hallen holds a Certificate of Advanced Study from the University of Maine in Educational Leadership and is a member of the Association for Career and Technical Education, the Downeast Construction Education Foundation and the National Association for Secondary School Principals. Mr. Hallen is responsible for the administration and operation of the school.

Student Services Coordinator

Beth Carlton

Beth Carlton holds a Master's Degree in Counseling from the University of Southern Maine and is a Certified Assistant Building Administrator. She is a member of the Maine School Counselor Association (MESCA) and the American School Counselor Association (ASCA). Ms. Carlton is responsible for personal, academic and career counseling as well as marketing, recruitment and student services activities.

Assistant to the Director

Kimberly Waite

Kimberly Waite holds a Master's of Science Degree in Education from Saint Joseph's College of Maine. Mrs. Waite is responsible for the financial operation of the school and also teaches several college writing courses for MMTC students through Kennebec Valley Community College.

Student Services Secretary

Helen Bard

Helen Bard is the Student Services Secretary. Mrs. Bard is responsible for attendance, student records and reports, dual college credits, and communications with parents and others.