Clean/Green Technologies Network

Your gateway to the EU market

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Hungary/EU: +36 70 443 0631

Green Technology Companies looking to expand their footprint

The Hungarian Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s (HCCC) objective is to create mutual co-operation commercially between Hungary and Canada, focusing especially on Green Technologies.

Green Technologies improve the quality of life by offering ways to improve our environment through products and/or processes. These technologies include ways to reduce plastic waste, make homes more energy efficient, divert waste from landfills and enhance recycling efficiency, etc..

The European Union is one of the most proactive regions towards environmental policies. Green technology companies whom are heavily engaged in R&D&I have a great opportunity to expand their business into the EU market.

Our goal is to assist Canadian companies by setting up their businesses in the EU and by facilitating their network within their industry.

Why Hungary and the EU?

      • EU is the second largest market (US $19 trillion) after China in the world

      • EU extremely proactive in R&D&I and the environment

      • Hungary has a strategic geographic location and direct access to the EU market

      • EU and Hungary foster Innovative clusters with projects to improve the economy

      • CETA (Canada Europe Trade Agreement) eliminating tariffs

      • Corporate tax 9%

An inexpensive alternative to the entry into the EU and Central Eastern European markets.

Our consortium, is based in Canada and Hungary, specializing in small and medium enterprises with the objective to build networks and partnerships between Hungarian and Canadian companies to be able to take advantage of the EU Market and North American Market.

Our difference, we not only open doors and make introductions but we walk with you through the process and make sure your business is up and running.