CMMS Blended Learning

6th Grade

Welcome! This is your blended learning resource page!

Please use the tabs above to get information from each of your classes.

Chromebooks: 6th graders will keep them over the summer. They will be locked by tech, so they won't be used. If you need repairs, please bring them to the library when you are on campus next. If you will be moving, or do not want your child to be responsible for it over the summer, please turn it into the library on his/her last day of school. Questions? Call Mrs. Bartlett in the Library!

Parent Help

Before you come to school each day, PLEASE COMPLETE YOUR HEALTH SCREENING on Skyward!!! Here are instructions from Nurse Liz

Your teachers are:

In person

Mrs. Harrell --Math

Mrs. Harris--Science

Mrs. Klepec--English

Mrs. Stickel--Careers

Remote (online)

Mrs. Thompson--History

Mrs. Fish--Technology

Group A

Monday and Tuesday at school!

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday online!

1st per: 8:40

2nd per: 10:05

3rd per: 11:30

4th per: 1:35

Group B

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday online!

Thursday and Friday at school!

1st per: 8:40

2nd per: 10:05

3rd per: 11:30

4th per: 1:35

Skyward Online Gradebook--Check here for schedules!

Sign in with your username and password. Don't have it? EMAIL: and she'll set you up!


Handy Resources are Below!

6th Grade Principal: Mr. Nordsten 766-2661 ext 2197

  • Where all learning starts in my classroom

  • Where assignments are turned in and handed out.

  • My “One Stop Shop” for my classroom

  • The heart and soul of my students online experience.

  • Zoom or Google Meetings

  • I get to check in with my students and families and take care of social emotional needs of my students

  • Teachers should have a scheduled plan to communicate information with parents.

  • All staff must use the same tool to meet the needs of our families.