Welcome to KG-1!

Kindergarten is the first chance for students to start to comprehend that a school is a place for learning. In our class, students will learn about sharing, taking turns, respecting and valuing others, and taking care of themselves. The kindergarten program at Modern Knowledge School offers initial learning experiences in language development, number concepts, creative skills, and social and physical development. Using tangible experiences, students are given the tools for observing, thinking, and problem-solving. Educational experiences afford balance and diversity amid physical, mental, and social undertakings as the students’ realm of knowledge is broadened from the home to the classroom. The KG1 classroom has a language-rich environment in which students are introduced to fundamental reading skills via shared reading experiences, rhymes, poems, and stories. Technology is introduced as a learning tool. Skills associated with visual and auditory judgement, left to right orientation, vocabulary development, whole word recognition, and relationships between letters and sounds are taught in the context of responding to high-quality students’ literature and integrated language arts program.

Welcome to Writing Development

Welcome to Writing Development Class. Over the next nine weeks students will be practicing their the formation of the letters they have learnt and continue to learn, as well as how to print the alphabetic letters correctly.

Writing Standards:

  • Practices control with writing instruments

  • Developing control with writing instruments – pencil/crayon

  • Tracing left to right

  • Tracing letters Aa, Bb, Cc

  • Traces letters, numbers, shapes including zigzag

  • Recognizes first initial in name

  • Introduce first name orally

  • Traces vertical and horizontal lines

  • Begins symmetry

  • Body- drawing and shapes

Welcome to Language Development

Welcome to Language Development Class. The next nine weeks are going to be an exciting phonetic adventure. As we continue to practice the sounds of letters we have already learnt, we will also learn the sounds of the new letters to prepare us for reading readiness. Students will be involved in vocabulary development as well as improving their overall knowledge and understanding of the English Language.

We will have homework available to you below. This is not mandatory; however, if you feel like your child could use extra practice, please feel free to print it out and do it. Then, you can send it to school for me to correct and evaluate. From time to time, based on the needs of your child, I may have required homework. This will be printed off and sent home when needed. Your child will have plenty of time to do any homework that I send home. If I feel they need homework, I will send it on Thursday to be turned in the following Tuesday. Please pace your kids and know that it is not necessary for the homework to be completed in one night. If your child is absent or misplaces the homework, you can find it under the homework tab on the classroom website.

Language Standards:

  • Recognize letters A-C

  • Traces letters A-C

  • Knows the sounds and letters of the alphabet A-C

  • Recognizes and states first name orally

  • Uses new vocabulary – theme words: me, school, body, family, home, street, country

  • Incorporates words, sounds, and letters in song

  • States first and last name

Welcome to Mathematics Development

Welcome to Mathematics Development Class. We are going to have a very exciting term in Mathematics. Over the next nine weeks, students will be practicing their knowledge of:

  • numbers from 1-5.

  • tracing numbers 1-5

  • mastering the concept of 1-5

Students will develop their knowledge of the different shapes, colors, and various math concepts.

Mathematics Standards:

  • Recognize numbers 1 -5

  • Trace numbers 1-5

  • Counts orally 1-10

  • Recognize basic colors and shapes

  • Match and sort items according to shape and color

  • Directionality: in/out, up/down

  • Opposites: Big/small, top/bottom

  • Counts with Calendar Studies numbers 1-10

  • Ordinal Numbers: first and last

Welcome to Science Development

Welcome to Science Development Class. We have a fun filled term ahead of us. Over the next nine weeks students will be engaging in hands on experiments and activities which will help their experiences, knowledge and understanding come to life.

Science Standards:

  • Explore new materials

  • Name 5 senses

  • Name body parts

  • Simple science

Welcome to Personal/Social Development

Personal/Social Development is an important area which we build, and grow on a continuing basis. These development areas are crucial building blocks in allowing our students to become well-rounded, exceptional learners who know what is expected of them and know what is right from wrong.

Personal/Social Standards:

  • Follow directions

  • Recognize and express different emotions

  • Participate in group activities

  • Sit properly on a chair

  • Communicate needs and wants verbally

  • Follow simple directions and routines

  • Awareness about school and home

Welcome to Creative Art

Welcome to Creative Art Class. As we continue to explore art activities which help with our creative expression and reinforce our language development, phonics knowledge, and the learning of the alphabet.

Creative Art Standards:

  • Participates in rhythmic activities

  • Sings simple songs/nursery rhymes and finger play

  • Simple coloring

  • Simple gluing

  • Build and draw a mat man – body, face

  • Drawing representations: flowers, shapes, and theme items

  • Knows and recites nursery rhymes (Twinkle, Twinkle)

  • Introduction to painting tools e.g. brushes, hands, sponges

  • Introduction to scissors and painting.

  • Participates in role playing

  • Using paint and other mediums for expression

  • Collages – shapes and pictures