Glenn's Gallery

Welcome to Glenn's Gallery. We are from Marshfield High School, and have been given the opportunity to explore the world of Digital Photography. Our teacher is Jennifer Glenn. She's been teaching photography for 15 years. Here we will be giving students the opportunity to share their exploration through the magnificent world of Digital Photography. Now sit back and enjoy the show.


The Read Campaign

Students were assigned a project to encourage reading by creating a promotional poster featuring a teacher, and a book of the teacher's choosing. Students were responsible for scheduling their photoshoots, and were in full control of how they wanted to create their poster. The finished products were displayed throughout the school.

See the gallery here!

SemesteR Highlights

Shades Of Cool

Maycie Sabo

Pick-Me-Up Cup

Parker Brusherd


Hannah Mashburn


Zach Cleir

Dark Fantasy, My Beautiful

Maycie Sabo

Strong Arms

Rani Mccullough

Beachside Burn

Haley Lawhon


Joey Adkins

Spin City

Anna Honeycutt


Destinee Welchel

Looking Through The Window

Hannah Mashburn

Salt In The Wound

Parker Cantrell

When Water Isn't Blue

Parker Cantrell


Parker Brusherd