Compact Wisdom by Leaders, Athletes & Champions:

Finding Your Direction

Your Direction

This was really tough for me:

  1. Uncovering what's inside my Heart.
    • one has been led to go for Security & Comfort.
  2. Having the Courage.
  3. Finding the Resources.
    • Having 3 really helps 2.

Your Everything

What is your One Thing that is your Everything ?

No Slacking Please.

You must Do What You Can & You Must


Training to Be Leader

Forget the Training.

  1. Do It.
  2. Make Mistakes & Change.
  3. Repeat & Loop Indefinitely.

How to Succeed ?

I started with this Classic. Never fails.

Do It Well

Other Versions:

  • How you do Anything is how you Do Everything.
  • If you can't do small things, you can't do Big Things.

Aside from looking good,

One must:

  • Prepare Well.
    • Research & Practise.
  • Communicate Well.
  • Show Up !

Jazzing Your Way Through

Challenges & Setbacks

Falling Down & Hurting

  • When things are bad, they can be worse. When they're worst, they will get better.
  • Stay Alive.
  • Learn the Lesson. The Pain helps.

Wisdom In Life

Good or Bad ?

Let's See.

This is a Tao classic.

I'm not going to pretend I understand it.

In that I do understand.

Toni Morrison

Why does a TightRope Walker not Fall ?

  • Balance

Getting Stuff you want:

  1. Patience.
  2. More Patience.
  3. Even More Patience.