Indonesia Investment by Son & Grab - 29 Jul 2019

Masayoshi Son & Grab to invest US2bn in:

  1. AI that will transform Corporate Business, Healthcare & Transport.
  2. EV (Electric Vehicles) & Renewable Energy.
  3. Build 2nd Grab HQ in Jakarta & invest more in Tokopedia.

Wonderful news for us in Indonesia !

Mega Trends Coming

Robotic Help for Office Workers - Nov 2016

Robotic process automation (RPA) -- a technology that enables software robotsto replicate the actions of human workers for tasks such as data entry -- has the potential to dramatically change the way companies approach many of their key business processes.

It also can greatly boost the efficiency of the legacy applications that support those processes, so it should not be surprising that the technology is seeing a rapid adoption rate.

Indonesia - Renewable Energy Policy - 31 Jul 2019

Challenges of government's renewable energy policy


- Andhika said the regulations, which he claimed did not support the development of clean energy, included a price cap of 85 percent of local electricity supply costs for solar power using the photovoltaic system and the "Build, Own, Operate and Transfer" contract scheme in the construction of a power plant

- Meanwhile, one of the two regulations from the Industry Ministry on renewable energy stipulates that investors can only build a solar power plant if they can meet the 60 percent local content requirement. This requirement was difficult to fulfill because most of the equipment used for solar power plants was imported, he said.

- The government previously set a target of having clean energy comprise 23 percent of the national energy mix by 2025. As of December, the figure stood below 10 percent.

- Furthermore, recent government data show that the country managed to only book around 26 percent of the total targeted electricity capacity from clean power at 45,200 megawatts in 2025. (hen)