Delightful Values & Sentiments

Experience is the Best Teacher.

So is Pain & Repetition (Practice).

We wanted to share these value Learnings in an effective way.

So we use Pop Culture to express these Experiences.

Hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


1 > 1,000.

Used to Talk A Lot. Now take Action.

1 Action beats 1,000 Words.

Others, I make it Happen.

For those who's seen him play & win Championships. Michael Jordan will always be our MVP.

No Excuses, Get It Done.

Be Fast or Faster

A close friend told me - the philosophy of one of the most successful businessman in Asia always say:

To Win, Speed is Paramount.

与高手过招 才能成为高手

To be an Expert, one needs to Train with Experts.

We are constantly looking for Experts to Train with.


Plant a Wutong, Phoenixes will Come

Biggest Realization this year for Talent & Business. Provide the right conditions and let Phoenixes come.


Thanos a Intergalactic giant. Chased the Infinity Gems acoss the Universe. Be an Infinity Gem. Don't be Thanos.

Unity is Strength; Many times over.


Value for Money. Always

Friend told me this long time ago = Money doesn't Lie.

Its means Value for Money. Always.

No Mony, No Honey

Used to ignore old folks nagging. Then one day everything they said made sense. After kena Experience.

if they have eaten more salt than rice, they're definitely right but also they should be concerned about their salt intake.

An Hour w a Master beats 10 years of Books

I have been very blessed to meet many successful people and always ask them for their secret. It's always = Work Hard, Work Smart, Don't Give Up.

I've tried it and it really works. I'll add - find a Boss or Senior you really respect for work ethics and find way to work with them. Don't chase Money. Work on Knowledge, Skills & Reputation for Hard Work. Everyone likes a hard worker but don't be a donkey also.


How to change yourself fast.

Forget the motivation & feel good talks etc.

Nothing beats a good solid beating to change fast.