Tell your Story with 10 thousand words.

A picture tells a thousands words.

How many words does a video tell ?

We'll get you maximum mileage for your videos with these rules.

SOP - Making Effective Video 1 - 13 Apr 2019


  • Max 5min. Ideally 1-3min. (else people lose focus & interest). Aside from training videos. For details, can have a longer version.
  • Title logically e.g. "T01001 - Search Icon - 20190325" = Tutorial Group 01 & Item 001. So Users easy to follow logical sequence instead of jumping around.
  • Have Video Overlays to highlight Points. These can be point emphasis or simply the speech text. We love budget constraints so use YouTube subtitling fuction to help you put in your 'Text' via auto generation or manually input script. Very very easy.

Video showing how Overlays helps Communication:

This is Cognitive Recognitive Company Gleematic we're advising with nice Demo & Training videos made with average resources (they focus on Product iso of fancy videos. we love down to earth companies):

2) CAPTIONS (auto caption from voice)

  • Voice is fine but always include SubTitles (there's Automatic subtitles in YouTube/Drive videos or you can add easily):

  • if manual add via .srt -> Just HIGHLIGHT Key Point e.g.
  • YouTube supports Auto SubTitle i.e. from voice to auto-subtitles.


- always Group & Order (Most basic or important on top with 1a, 1b, 2a etc).