Gozali is the only man to have touched my wife & lived. Not Once But Twice !

Gozali is the only man to have touched my wife & lived. Not Once But Twice !

I have not seen Dr Gozali in 4y since my 2nd son was born. It made my day when we met serendipitously at first day of school. Obviously we both are great dads !

My wife and I are very grateful to him for steering us to natural birth for both my boys now aged 7 & 4. As such she walked barely a day after childbirth & my wallet also didn't take a big hit. Double relief !

The good doctor Dr Gozali practises just beside Plaza Indonesia so it's a perfect location. He specializes in Gynae & Women's Health.


PS: MitraDO is always about Action. Strongly recommended him to keep a table of kids he delivered. I'd love to know if my boys are #258 or #888 etc.

Habits to have and NOT with technology

Dr Gozali - 15 Jul 2019

The iPad/iPhone “revolution” among the children is obvious- knowledge, hand eye coordination (gaming), which I shan’t expand on.

The negative aspects are equally there and parents should be aware.

Eyesights problems like myopia from continuous short-focus eye muscle efforts, in addition to prolonged “flickers” effect of the screen.

Addictive behaviour which all parents with children know well.

“Nerd” character which makes them losing interest with human-human interaction. Note the lack of eye contact among these children.

“Violent” games like shoot to kill types may have subconscious effect on the children development although the consensus is not out yet.

Do let them use these gadgets as that’s the future but do it cautiously and please restrict the usage so as the developing child is not harmed.

Games in iPad are equally good for the seniors, as they are for the children, for the hand eye coordination.

Supervise and restrict usage to 1-2 hours. After all during our time we didn’t have them. And one of us invented these.

Please do not forget that physical activities are equally important.