Solve Problems

  1. Communication = use *Whatsapp WA*.
    • Clear Instructions.:
      • e.g. Sean to ask Mr Budi for needs.
    • Always Acknowledge Tasks & Auto Update Progress.
    • WA Group = same page for multi parties.
    • Whatsapp for informal & quick Communication. Email for otherwise.
  2. Process = *SOP*
    • Clear steps to flow
    • Continuous Improvement
  3. Planning & Analysis = *G Sheet & SimpleNote*
    • draft v0 , v1 , v2
    • use formula
    • prepare & share beforehand.
    • 1d before meeting.

Get What You Want using GB-PINS

  • Always use GB-PINS. My entire team does it.
    1. Goal = Achieve Sales of 1M per month.
    2. Background = Sell Software Robot & Consulting Implementation Services.
    3. Progress = Currently 300jt pm. Needs 700jt pm more.
    4. Issue = Need More Leads & Closing Won orders.
    5. Next Step = Get Lead Generation Agent. Train Sales team to close Sales.

Communicate Better

Use Microsoft AI Rehearse Coach:

  • Rehearse Coach - AI coach gives you realtime tips during your presentation & Session Summary.
  • Online Meeting Tools incl allowing physical presenter to become transparent to see thru whiteboard.

Start in Indonesia

Johan Tan YH - Published 8 Jul 2019

Indonesia is a up and coming 260mil population in Southeast Asia (600mil) and stone's throw from Singapore where I come from.

The Singapore government economic agency EDB posted me to the Singapore Embassy in Jakarta in 2007.

I experienced: Investment Facilitation (similar to 外经贸委,Jetro), Diplomatic life, steered SingCham etc. Fell in & out of love a couple times before meeting my one true love.

Then my ex boss (my #1 idol) asked me to represent him in a US100mil manufacturing listco. I left to start businesses in Forklift, Edutech, ERP and now leads Mitrado Business Platform. Find your one true love. Never settle.

My 13 years operating in Indonesia in varying roles:

  • Open Our Mind. The world has much to teach us. If only we would observe & listen. If you can't, we'll help. It'll hurt some but you'll love it.
  • Find your Tribe. Mogli and the wolves. Make friends with a bear. Ride a Jaguar. Remember the Creed:
    • For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.

The Answer lies in Asking the Right Question:

  • Who are you ? Took me nearly 10 years to figure this out. I'm hoping you take 5.

Don't worry if you don't know yet.

You are in the Right Place already. Don't give up. Never Settle.

Find your One True Love.

Learn Bahasa Indonesia.

  • Fortunately you already know the letters in Bahasa Indonesia : Bahasa Indonesia 101
    • Tip = buy Hollywood DVDs (approx USD1 in tier 2 malls) & watch w Indonesia Subs. Aim 4 DVDs per week.


Know Where You Are & Where To Go:

"The amateurs discuss tactics: the professionals discuss logistics.” ~ Napoleon Bonaparte.

“The line between disorder and order lies in logistics…” ~ Sun Tzu

“Leaders win through logistics. Vision, sure. Strategy, yes. But when you go to war, you need to have both toilet paper and bullets at the right place at the right time. In other words, you must win through superior logistics.”

~ Tom Peters – Rule #3: Leadership Is Confusing As Hell, Fast Company, March 2001.

“My logisticians are a humorless lot … they know if my campaign fails, they are the first ones I will slay.” ~ Alexander.

* SOP - Taxi - Transport - Grab - Visitor - Aug 2019

For visitors to Jakarta:

A) Only use Blue Bird taxi when arriving Airport. Queues can be long for this reason.

* Use App to book = My Blue Bird or Gojek (can order Blue Bird via 'Go Blue'. Gojek car booking service is 'Go Car' = drivers not as experienced as Blue Bird taxi drivers). App saves hassle of clarifying location. *

- Silver Bird is Merc under Blue Bird Group. Good value approx 40% more than Blue Bird.

- make Sure Taxi driver pays for Toll (highway) using the e-card. You just pay final amount.

- I've used BlueBird & Silver Bird more than 200x. They're well trained and unlikely to pull fast one.

- to do rental, use * * - Say goodbye to queuing, waiting or cancellations when booking. Book full day drivers or car rental that pick you up wherever you are.

B) Grab or Gojek/Go-Car or Uber - you can use this if you like. Cars sometimes poorly maintained. Also driver don't always know roads well. Generally fine for in-city travel. I use this a lot when not using driver.

C) You can buy local SIM Card on arrival. Get Telkomsel Simpati. SGD 10 or IDR100k will get you a long way w calls & data.

Note: *Ganjil Genap* There is Odd-Even car plate policy in Business area. So don't get trapped on wrong day using a private car with an ignorant driver.

SOP - Indonesia Currency v2 - Sep 2017

  • IDR 1 billion = 1 Milyar = M = SGD 100k
    • usually for business transactions & property.
  • IDR 1 million = 1 juta / mio = jt = SGD 100
    • IDR 100 ribu = 100 rb = SGD 10.
    • for daily use.
  • IDR 1 thousand = 1 ribu = 1 rb = SGD 0.10
    • pocket change.


First, find a Role Model & always Learn from the Winners.

In this video, Bolt highlights importance of:

  1. Doing the Hard Work. Competition is the easy part after.
  2. Day in Day Out Sacrifice & Dying.
  3. Not Giving Up or Missing a Day = You Gotta Go

Buy Cheap & Reliable Mobile Handsets from Singapore.

This Far East Plaza shop in Singapore (walking distance from Orchard MRT) buys new phones & sells for a margin for SGD40-50 approx.

I've seen other shops checking their Price List for Price Discovery.

Stop Repetitive Office Tasks Now !

Automation is helping us more in our daily life e.g

  • Checking transport timings in Google Maps.
  • Use WAG (Whatsapp Groups) for coordination.
  • Call a car with Grab or Gojek.

In companies big & small , automation is essential to free up valuable manpower to do more important tasks.

Gleematic is a Singapore based Cognitive Recognition & RPA (Robotics Process Automation) that helps office workers by reducing/ eliminating mundane work:

Automated email-answering with customised message:

Transferring of data without programming/ coding:

Accounts-payable automation/ extracting info from invoices:

Gleematic is now in Malaysia , China , Hong Kong , Vietnam & now Indonesia 🇮🇩.

Contact us now:

Make a Good Life

SFI - What makes a Good life ? - 27 Jul 2019

This is a million dollar TED video by Harvard.

A 75 year research of 724 men. From very different backgrounds.

To uncover the million dollar secret of a happy life.

Only 12min. Use Playback 1.5 or 1.25x to watch faster.

Use 'c' Captions to see subtitles in different lanaguges.

Use 'f' to view in Fullscreen.

Find Out More About ME

Profile = Johan Tan

Former Singapore EDB Scholar/Director & USD 100mil listco Director in Indonesia.

Tan Yong Han Johan now works with promising Startups for ONLY the Indonesia market.

- Market Entry, Business Advisor & Indonesia Representation, Partnership & Investment.

- He prefers Tech & Education sectors where he & Singapore has distinct advantages.