Start doing Business in Indonesia

  1. Indonesia 260mil people & 17,000 islands.
  2. Jakarta is Economic Heart of Indonesia.
  3. Know your Greater Jakarta

4 IT Systems for every Company to earn Profit:

  1. Accounting.
    • Simple.
    • Real-Time.
    • Local Regulatory Compliance e.g. Laporan Pajak (Tax).
  2. HR Management.
    • Attendance & Leave Management.
    • Payroll.
    • Regulatory Compliance e.g PPh21 & Jamsostek etc.
  3. Sales CRM
    • Leads, Sales Pipeline, Closed Sales
    • GPS Geography Visualization
  4. Custom Software
    • We do not advise Custom Software for general users.
    • If you need a car or bicycle, do you build yourself or find a ready with light customization ?
    • If you have specific needs, we can introduce Development teams who work with us.