The Answer is Found is Asking the Right Question.

Yong Han - 11 Jul 2019

We have a treasure trove of goodies management tips to share.

And it all starts with a Problem.

So Problems are good because they make us better.

We love problems. Our founder calls this SOP 0 because this is the foundation of his problem solving skills. His E= MC2 if you will.

There 3 types of Issues:

  1. Commucation Issue.
  2. Process Issue.
  3. Analysis Issue.

Today he counts over 1000 Whatsapp Groups. Not because he loves creating them. But it sure beats texting individuals and not talking on the same page. In Indonesia where we operate, 99% of people has Whatsapp and 28% uses email.

*** SOP 0 - Solve Problem - Sep 2018

1. Communication = *Whatsapp WA*

- Clear Instructions

- always Acknowledge tasks & Auto Update

- WA Group = multi party.

- Whatsapp for informal & quick Communication. Email for otherwise.

2. Process = *SOP*

- Clear steps to flow

- continuous Improvement

3. Planning & Analysis = *G Sheet & SimpleNote*

- draft v0 , v1 , v2

- use formula

- prepare share beforehand. 2d before meeting.

If you have a business problem you can't solve, let us know:


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