Most days he wakes up between 3-5am to work.

What kind of a man does that ?

To end unfinished tasks. One down. Two up. The proverbial hydra.

Old habits die hard. War time generals never chill.

Like Amazon Elastic Cloud Servers. Always humming. Alway ready to Scale Up. Exponentially.

A Warrior. A Swordsman. A Craftman.

Dedicated. Singlemindedness. Honing his craft, his blade.

Knowing one misstep means the end of lives.

His life is nothing. Nothing compared to the dozens and more he knows.

He fell 3 times. Almost never to rise each time.

He found the one reason to continue. The only one that matters.

Only when he lived for others he truly lived.

Master Warrior Philosopher got it right. Again.

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