How to Start in Indonesia

Johan Tan YH - Published 8 Jul 2019

Indonesia is a up and coming 260mil population in Southeast Asia (600mil) and stone's throw from Singapore where I come from.

The Singapore government economic agency EDB posted me to the Singapore Embassy in Jakarta in 2007.

I experienced: Investment Facilitation (similar to 外经贸委,Jetro), Diplomatic life, steered SingCham etc. Fell in & out of love a couple times before meeting my one true love.

Then my ex boss (my #1 idol) asked me to represent him in a US100mil manufacturing listco. I left to start businesses in Forklift, Edutech, ERP and now leads Mitrado Business Platform. Find your one true love. Never settle.

My 13 years operating in Indonesia in varying roles:

  • Open Our Mind. The world has much to teach us. If only we would observe & listen. If you can't, we'll help. It'll hurt some but you'll love it.
  • Learn a New Language. Fortunately you already know the letters in Bahasa Indonesia : Bahasa Indonesia 101
  • Find your Tribe. Mogli and the wolves. Make friends with a bear. Ride a Jaguar. Remember the Creed:
    • For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.

The Answer lies in Asking the Right Question:

  • Who are you ? Took me nearly 40 years to figure this out. I'm hoping you take 30.
  • What do you want ? Always use GB-PINS. My entire team does it.
    1. Goal = Achieve Sales of 1M per month.
    2. Background = Sell Software Robot & Consulting Implementation Services.
    3. Progress = Currently 300jt pm. Needs 700jt pm more.
    4. Issue = Need More Leads & Closing Won orders.
    5. Next Step = Get Lead Generation Agent. Train Sales team to close Sales.

Don't worry if you don't know yet.

You are in the Right Place already. Don't give up. Never Settle.

Find your One True Love.

Profile = Johan Tan

Former Singapore EDB Scholar/Director & USD 100mil listco Director in Indonesia.

Tan Yong Han Johan now works with promising Startups for ONLY the Indonesia market.

- Market Entry, Business Advisor & Indonesia Representation, Partnership & Investment.

- He prefers Tech & Education sectors where he & Singapore has distinct advantages.