For Users. By Users.

We are a group of Passionate System Users.

We couldn't find what we needed so we built it (some of it):

  • Specific Apps = Simple to Use, Powerful yet Flexible.
  • Value for Money = our Sweet Spot is Lexus at Toyota price.
  • Business Community = Plug into our Channel Partners & over 500 existing Clients.

Mitra = Partnership | DO = Action Now.

Yong Han Johan read the 7 Habits at 13 and that paved the foundation for his belief in:

  • Goal = help People improve their Lives thru Business.
  • How = Tech, Systems & SOPs.

Today Mitrado help many overseas companies start in Indonesia.

Why wait ? Start Now.


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  1. Unique Model - we are community of Users, Partners & Clients.
  2. High Conversion.
  3. Value for $.