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Your Worries : How to get my product with HALAL certified? etc

your worries...cost , how to apply,  minimum order...

We are 1 stop solution factory, what we can do?


Mainly powder being filled in small capsule made in gelatin or vegetable capsule.


Taste that suits customer's preference, such as sweet, sour and etc.


Products in powder form such as collagen, fiber, coffee, and chocolate, which freshly made and packed in aluminium pack.

Bird Nest Extract

Water soluble bird nest extract mix Moringa Primaage and other super food ingredient with 6 different varieties with different health benefits:

1) Moringa with Matcha: Promote longevity and weight loss.

2) Red Beet: Natural super folic acids.

3) Turmeric and Ginger: Regulate blood circulation and excep stomach wind or relief digest discomforts.

4) Grape Extract with Collagen: Promote beautify skin and longevity.

5) Goji Berries: Improve eyes sight and vision, nourish blood.

6) Honey: Enhance of Immunity system

It is Effective, safe to eat and easy to prepare! Further information:

or you want to make your own bird nest products? contact us!


Available vaccum pouch sealing.


Ask us to provide moringa product. We are No.1 Moringa company in Malaysia with Halal Certification etc.


Re-packing of imported product, box packing, labeling, candy, grain, rice, oil, milk powder, etc with Malaysia regulation.

Spray Dryer Service

Standardized extract which are instant water soluble can be use in capsule, sachet, and beverage drink.

Bring liquid to us. We make powder form to return to you.


Your original cosmetic products with HALAL certification


We joined Malaysia Government Project ETP as Herbal Halal Factory

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