New Meetinghouse Project

Amid the rush and the tumult,

I seek a quiet place

free from din and shouting;

a refuge in the face

of turmoil and confusion;

a sure and a solid base.

— Sylvia Spotts, Columbia Friends Meeting (CFM)

“The Search” (from The Quaker Cellist)

Our vision is to build a meetinghouse that reflects the core Quaker testimonies. A home where we and future Friends can find one another, worship together, nurture our children, connect with and serve the community. The design of the building reflects our commitment to simple beauty, equality, accessibility, and sustainability.

We are excited about using earth-friendly materials and having a small energy footprint that moves us toward “net-zero” energy use. This includes ideas such as straw bale construction, continuous mineral wool insulation (with additional cellulose insulation), high quality windows, a highly efficient heating, ventilation and AC system, renewable flooring materials, and solar panels.

Simply stated, the more money we can raise, the more sustainable we can make the meetinghouse. Investing in these areas, which cannot be easily changed later, will set us on a path of low-energy use.

“Here where light makes us live . . .”

— Alex Metro, CFM, “Reflections on Light”

Meetinghouse design by Adrienne Stolwyk, CFM, Monarch Architecture

In the future, we want to explore the idea of adding a small, ADA accessible home that could host a family in need of affordable housing, or a caretaker for the meetinghouse.

Thanks to the sustained support of Friends, we have raised $230,000 toward building.

Building costs, based on several estimates, will be approximately $400,000.

Our fundraising goal is to raise $80,000 to begin building.

A bank loan of $75,000 combined with a $20,000 loan from a Friend is expected to complete the funding needed.

We are also exploring grants for which we may be eligible.

Ways of Giving

One-time or recurring donation

Memorial or honor donation

Personal loan

Stocks, real estate, and RMDs

Donated time

Donations by check or electronically (PayPal or credit card)

How to donate to the new meetinghouse project

Columbia Friends Meeting is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Donations are deductible as charitable contributions.

To donate by credit card or PayPal (transaction fee is 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction): click here

To donate by PayPal Giving Fund (no fees are charged; but you need a PayPal account): click here

To donate by check, please make your check payable to Columbia Friends Meeting and note "Building Fund." Send your check to:

Columbia Friends Meeting

c/o Steve Halenda, treasurer

101 Lindell Dr

Columbia, MO 65203

We are grateful for your support getting us this far, and we hope that you and your family can know more peace and justice in the year ahead.


Be with me, God.

The way is light; I see the path.

My fears are few; I am comforted.

The way is friendly; I have companions.

My heart is sturdy; I am guided.

The way is safe; I am protected.

My strength is great; I am secure.

Be with me, God.

— Sylvia Spotts, CFM,

“Thanksgiving” (from The Quaker Cellist)