The Art Class

Art Appreciation is a class designed to teach you Art History and Contemporary Art. You will gain an understanding of the timeline of Art over History and be able to compare and contrast Historical Artists with Contemporary Artists who are working in similar ways at different points in time.

Each week you will get a handout and an online video session about the weekly topic. Each topic compares two artists, one from art history and one contemporary, living artist. I will compare and contrast the two artists via Zoom session.

Each Topic has its own page on the website where you can find extra information and videos about the artists. After the session you can write a comment or make a piece of art that reflects your understanding of the subject.

About this class

The class is designed with a weekly lesson emphasizing an artist/s or art movement, along with video interviews and zoom sessions on weekly topics.

Then there will be a drawing or painting lesson each week which will be related to that week's Artist. The class will cover the principals of drawing which will give you valuable tools to be a great artist.

You will be expected tp be present for the entire online or in person class with and few hours of homework reading or drawing.

As an online student, you will receive weekly emails detailing the coming topic, providing feedback and a link to the course page which will contain lots of readings and activities about that week's topic.