Global Data Asset  Platform

A Global Hub for Sharing and Reuse of Data Assets, Tools and Services

At SAP, I founded a Global Data Engineering program to deliver data-related assets, tools and services to customer facing teams.

The result was a Global Data Asset Platform that enables rapid development and deployment of demos, POCs and Prototypes.

“Most data scientists spend
 80% of their time finding, cleaning, and reorganizing huge amounts of data

  InfoWorld   ”80/20 data science dilemma

Data Architectures Used for Platform?

A Data Lake / Data Lake House hybrid architecture allows raw sensor data to stream into AWS S3, and land in structured form in SAP Cloud Data Lake (SAP IQ in the cloud).   A Data Fabric architecture is achieved by providing virtualized access to the data lake and the on-prem system using Smart Data Access (SDA).   A Data Mesh-style architecture provides access to select data in the S/4 and BW demo systems, which are maintained and access-controlled by the data owners, and exposed with SDA and Open ODS views.

What Types of Use Cases are Enabled by a Real-Time Data Platform? 

Goals for the Data Platform?

Faster Development + Less Maintenance = Lower Cost / Increased Productivity

Eliminate time needed to locate, analyze and transform data

Better Demos/POCs + Better Stories  = Best Customer Experience!

Enable real-time, realistic, production-quality experiences

Broader Scope + Bigger BOMs = More Revenue!

Data that “matches” across applications, products and use cases