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Research Tools

BadgerLink provides searchable access to full text magazines, newspapers, reference resources, literature, and other information. The services are provided by the Department of Public Instruction.

  • Issues and Controversies
  • American History

Check with your teacher or Ms. Schacht for the username and password for using these databases.

Use AllSides Search for the latest news across the political spectrum on any political topic or issues, or pick from our list.

The American Memory collection includes many photographs and primary source documents detailing America’s history.

  • Select the “Resources for Kids, Families” to access the collections suited to students for school and personal use.
  • Choose from a variety of other collections and resources.

View Wisconsin libraries’ digital image collections–maps, photos, and primary source documents. Includes all areas of Wisconsin history in image format, including history, culture, government, and history.


Use the links on the left side to choose which type of material you are using. Then, copy and paste your citation into your Works Cited page.

Best place to visit if you have questions about formatting citations. Use the links on the left side to find the different types of citations you need to use.

Our Library

Local Libraries

Looking for a good ebook or audiobook? Try Wisconsin’s Digital Library, through our local public libraries. You need a current library card through the Manitowoc-Calumet Library System.