EXP Expanded Classes

The core content for the EXP students is focused on life and prevocational skills. The students have been assessed on completing daily skills independently including but not limited to sweeping, washing windows, folding clothes, and making video phone calls. These skills have been implemented into their daily jobs. Each morning the students are assigned an individual job to perform around the school. They are exposed to responsibilities in line with her future goals which each student determines and explores through community field trips.

Every two weeks, new vocabulary is chosen from recent job opportunities. Students do a variety of activities with these words including signing ASL sentences, writing English sentences, and playing games to help them to learn the words and their meanings.

Money is a pertinent life skill. For this reason, the students practice their money skills daily. This ranges from identifying coins to making and counting change to shopping and buying food in a restaurant setting.

Since the ultimate goal for our students is to live independently, we devote an hour each day to “What Would You Do?” During this time we discuss how to appropriately respond to situations they see in daily life. The students need to determine if they can handle the situation themselves or if they need to get help. We touch on topics such as social media, a medical emergency, and communication breakdowns.