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This course intends to train any user interested in being certified in SimSched. Advanced modules will be developed in the future.

🎓Certification Levels

SSC I: SimSched Certification I

SSCI is an introductory certification level on SimSched. This course aims to introduce basic concepts and operations to the mine planner willing to learn how to operate SimSched.

Apart from the learning material provided, the student will receive a free temporary license of SimSched DBS to practice exercises that will guide them throughout the basic functionalities of the software and concepts from Mine Planning.

📜Terms & Conditions

Users interested in obtaining a certification must be wary of our privacy terms and conditions presented below.

    • The student must to complete the Final Assignment and Exercises proposed throughout the course to obtain the certification degree.
    • Limited FREE certificates. Only for the FIRST concluding the program.
    • MiningMath can use every content created by students as a result of this course for commercial and advertising purposes.
    • Remember: Your performance will be evaluated and by the end you'll receive a rating. The best students will be invited to participate in our training program for a practical experience in real projects with mining companies interested in our technology.

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🎓External Courses

José Gregorio Freites, our representative from Venezuela, has created an online course platform. His courses are lectured in Spanish and cover from geological modelling up to mine planning using SimSched and a free mine design tools such as RecMin.

José is a Mining Engineer from the Universidad de Oriente, Venezuela. He has over 20 years of experience in the mining industry, including positions in mine planning, strategic planning, manufacture of bulk explosives, drilling and blasting operations.