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About MiningMath

MiningMath is a Brazilian company, which formerly emerged as a consulting firm with multiple services for the mining industry. Holding a solid expertise in mining, applied mathematics, data science, and optimization, MiningMath started a new stage focused on its own technological development to help mining companies to create sustainable value.

Focused on Research & Development for over 6 years, MiningMath consolidated the SimSched Project, a pioneer tool for Strategy Optimization. 2018 was remarkable year for the company with strong feedback from the industry, consulting partners, and users, who endorsed the technology and the value it delivers.

Among these achievements, this approach has been awarded in Russia, while being applied to a multi-mine project in Chile, and it has been well-accept academically for addressing socio-environmental aspects in an unique manner.

Read more about academic research.

What is SimSched Direct Block Scheduler?

SimSched DBS is a plugin software that uses innovative technology for Direct Block Scheduling. SimSched aims to maximize the Net Present Value (NPV) of a project deciding, based on an imported block model, which blocks will be mined, when, and to which destination they must be sent.

SimSched allows to define multiple processing plants, stockpiles and waste dumps, respecting their capacities. You can also set physical limits or force mining in certain regions by importing surfaces.

As the software has a flexible algorithm, it is possible to include other restriction types in the future, such as the latest ones: blending and other constraints.

The following video shows an introduction to SimSched, approaching technical concepts from Engineering.

What is SimSched Pit Optimizer?

SimSched Pit Optimizer (SSPO) is the only tool on the market able to perform pit optimization, aiming to maximize the undiscounted cash flow and choosing, among multiple destinations, which one is the best. Because SSPO considers blocks' values to make this decision, cut-off grades are a dynamic consequence of the process.

SSPO is a free tool that respects minimum bottom width during the optimization and do not have geotechnical glitches.

SSPO Full is a commercial version of the same algorithm, which includes blending and other constraints, used to control deforestation areas, production by rock type, metal production, consumption of processing inputs, among others.

Differences in a nutshell!

The following table summarizes the comparison across all versions of SimSched, according to the features available for each version.


  • Early adopters have paid for SimSched DBS and gotten SimSched DBS Full. Contact us for more information.
  • In case you want more details on how to control fleet hours, metal/rock type production, check Other Constraints, they take any numerical parameter and use their sum as a limit.