Privacy Policy

This privacy policy illustrates how Minimo uses any information and permission given and collected within the use of our video game application.

Minimo may receive following information

  • Basic user information retrieved from 3rd party applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Game Center, and Google Play Game Service which are publicly open as user set in their preference or requested as mentioned in the context of its usage in the game.
  • Information about the device you use such as its model, operating system, platform, and other technical information such as cookies.
  • Information about your approximate location (city/region) based on your IP Address.

What we do with your information :

  • Facebook & Twitter are used to post on your behalf after the user allows the app to do so
  • Google Play Game Service & Apple Game Centre are used for sync and save user data, connect to leaderboard and achievements.
  • Advertisement ID used by advertiser to filter their advertisements to make them more relevant to your interest and age restriction.
  • Country location for multiplayer games and choosing the fastest server to connect and show the country's flag to other players within the same race.
  • Gathering user behaviour within the game and basic information for analytic purpose.

Please contact us at if you have any questions or need more details regarding our privacy policy.