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Each Thursday, the governor of Ohio has pledged to update his alert system for each county based upon the status of the COVID-19 pandemic in that area. This is the condensed version of our plan based on those levels.

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In order to provide the best possible learning opportunities for all students in our district, for the 2020-2021 school year, the school district has created the optional “Falcon Online Learning Program.” This program, which will be fully online, will allow families who choose this option to have their child educated fully from home for at least the first semester of the new school year. More details can be found below in the Full Return To School Plan, The Remote Learning Overview Letter, and the Remote Learning Application. In order to participate, parents/guardians will need to fill out and submit the application for this program, found below, before Friday, August 7th.

Remote Learning Application 2020-21_distributed.pdf
Off Day Meal Request Form.pdf
Grouping Letter FINAL.pdf
High School Student Groupings Aug 13.pdf
Middle School Student Groupings Aug 13.pdf
Groups A&B by Homerooms.pdf
Face Mask Policy Aug 10.pdf
Parent Update Letter August 13, 2020.pdf
Parent Update Letter August 5, 2020.pdf
Doctor Martin letter.pdf
SCOESC COVID19 Return Chart Revised 12-4-20.pdf
DROP OFF PLAN 2020-2021 Final.pdf

MHS Drop Off Map

student drop-off pick-up2020-2021 final.pdf

MHS Drop Off Plan

Open Letter for School Illnesses.pdf