Yellow Jacket Legacy


What will Your Yellow Jacket Legacy Be?

"Leave the Jersey in a Better Place"

2016 3 A Division 1 State Champions

In 2016, The Varsity Football team left their jerseys in a better place. With grit and determination the 2016 Yellow Jackets were number 1, state champs. Forever leaving a legacy of greatness. The Mantra "leave your jersey in a better place" now has an attainable mark. After Making it to the state championship game in 2014 and the Semi-Final game the following season, the Yellow Jackets climb the mountain that seemed so unattainable. How did they do it? A group of athletes who in 2011 began their football careers as 7th graders with the goal to be the best in the state of Texas by the time they graduated. Names such as Noah Sneed, Bubba Stanford, Seth Hudgins, Frankie Meason, Jeremiah Crawford, Chance Perkins, Luke Bowden, Tracy Murphy, Dalton Robles, Kourtland Sinches, Deveon Goguen, Kartney Hampton, Devante Wright, JaMichael Brown, Cameron Hays, Dalton Hargrove, KJ Hawkins, and Drason Tenner.

The 2016 3A Division 1 State Championship Trophy

2016 Regional Champions

Semifinal video -

The State Ring

"Champions Do Extra"

2016 Semi-Final Champions

2016 3A Division 1 Football State Champions

Yellow Jacket Legacies

Adam (left) alongside of Cody Mize (right) representing the "M".

Adam (right) alongside of Cody Sparkman (left) representing the "M".

Adam speaking with Cy Young Winner Felix Hernandez.

Adam at the plate in Arlington, TX as the catcher for the Kansas City Royals

Adam at the plate for the San Diego Padres

The Major League YellowJacket:

Adam Moore

MHS Graduate 2002

Multi-Sport Athlete for MHS playing: Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Track

District HR Record: 18

Attended Northeast Texas Community College

University of Texas at Arlington:

Conference Record for Doubles his Junior Year: 22

Drafted in the 6th Round by the Seattle Mariners

A Yellowjacket who left his jersey in a better place.

Adam Moore: Pictured with his current team "The Durham Bulls" Tripple A affiliate for the Tampa Bay Rays.

Adam working on catching drills for American League Champion Cleveland Indians.

Austin and Riley in Middle School with their younger brother Jackson. The Twins were destined for A&M

Riley Senior Year at Semi-Final in 2015

Austin at Texas A&M

Austin Senior Year at Semi-Final in 2015

Riley at Texas A&M

Austin, Leon, and Riley at Kyle Field

The Twin Towers:

Austin and Riley Anderson

Mineola High School Graduates 2016

Football, Basketball, Track, and Baseball

Texas A&M

Two Athletes who left the Jersey in a Better Place

Austin and Riley serving in Haiti with Texas A&M Proving that Better People Create Better Yellow Jackets, Better Yellow Jackets Create Better People.

Matt Shade Senior Year 2011 Season

MHS Track 2011

MHS Baskeball 2011

Named to AP All State Team in 2011

Matt and Kendall Banks Freshman Year at Arkansas Tech

Kicking Off for Arkansas Tech

Ready for Battle at

Arkansas Tech

Matt Shade:

The Powerlifting Punter/Kicker

Mineola Graduate 2012

Football, Basketball, and Track

Arkansas Tech 2017 Graduate

An Athlete who left the Jersey in a Better Place

The Kick: 50 yds The Bench Press: 405lbs

Matt and his Mother at Arkansas Tech



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