Upcoming Events:

September 27th: 5 Hour Day - Early Release

October 14th: No School

October 18th: End of Quarter One

Coming Soon: Our First Class Picture!

This Month's Focus


We will begin the year by taking the Beginning of the Year math assessment. This will allow me to see what your student knows and how I can adjust my teaching to meet their needs!

Chapter 1: Addition & Subtraction

The first chapter in GoMath! focuses on the operations addition and subtraction. The students will learn new strategies such as rounding, properties of addition, and problem solving.

Math homework will be send home almost daily once the expectations have been taught. If math homework is not turned in, the student will stay in for recess to complete it.

English Language Arts (ELA)

The students will begin the year by learning about the expectations for reading within our classroom. We will be exploring different genres and finding a purpose to read. By creating a solid base for reading, we will be able to dive deeper into our learning and discussions about books!

Topic: Genre study, power books, and getting excited about reading and books

Social Studies topics: Geography- Continents and Oceans

Students will:

  • understand the different genres while reading, be able to choose books that will be challenging for them and allow them to become better readers, and know the different between real reading and fake reading

Writing & Grammar

Writing/ Grammar:

Topic: writing preassessment, intro to paragraph writing and getting started with the writing process

Students will be able to:

  • create a paragraph with a topic sentence, details, and conclusion


  • Review nouns, verbs, adjectives


Topic: Power of Flowers

Students will:

  • This unit develops the idea that by studying how plants reproduce and pass on their traits, we human beings have figured out how to make food plants even more useful to us. Students first discover how plants reproduce by exploring the process of pollination and fruiting. Then students are introduced to the process of plant domestication (selection of traits based on inheritance and variation.)

--Read Aloud--

This is a text that we will read as a whole class daily.

Third Grade Angels by Jerry Spinelli