Partner School

Our Partner School - Penyem (The Gambia)

Since 2004, Millway has sponsored a girl called Veronique Gomez who lives in Penyem Village in The Gambia. As a result of this sponsorship she was able to attend Penyem Day Care and Nursery School. This was part of a charity called Northampton Trustee Fund (NTF) which was set up by Andy Butler, a former teacher at our school.

Veronique spent about 4 years at the Nursery School and then progressed to her current Middle School. Middle and Secondary Education is funded by the Gambia government. However, Nursery Education is privately funded. A Gambian based charity, Child Fund, has funded the Nursery School paying teacher’s salaries, providing equipment and maintaining the simple school buildings. Northampton Trustee Fund has grown and now has one hundred sponsored children going to school, it has built new school buildings and taken on numerous other projects. More information is available at From June 2015 the Nursery School faced closure. NTF took on the funding of the school from this point.

Since 2015, we have held an annual Cross Country event in which the whole school has been involved. The children are invited to be sponsored for their Cross Country run. All of the proceeds go towards the education of the children in Penyem - our children at Millway are very proud of the positive impact this project has.