Year 10 Handbook

Year 10 Program Overview

Students in Year 10 at Mill Park Secondary College undertake a combination of core and elective subjects.

The core subjects that each student studies include English, Mathematics, Humanities and Science.

The purpose of the Year 10 curriculum is to develop students’ skills and enable them to explore their interests in preparation for the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL).

Choosing Year 10 Electives

Year 10 students have a choice of five free choice electives. When selecting electives, the following conditions apply:

  • Choosing a VCE subject and/or Language will count as two electives, as these subjects extend over two semesters (i.e. year long).
  • A student will need to choose from at least six different areas of study from the eight offered, these are;
      • Arts, English, Humanities, Languages, Mathematics, Physical Education and Health, Science, and Technology.
  • A student may not select more than four units from a single area of study.
  • Year 10 students may choose a VCE or VET subject to accelerate in, however they may not choose a VET subject offered externally to the school.

Semester 1:



English/ EAL English


Science - Environmental Science / Biology


Elective Choice 1

Elective Choice 2

Semester 2:



English/ EAL English


Science - Chemistry & Physics

Elective Choice 3

Elective Choice 4

Elective Choice 5

  • Above is a general guide for what a Year 10 Program may look like, the structure of your Year 10 program may vary depending on subject choice. For information about the Year 10 SEAL and Accelerated Programs, please click the links below:

Explore our range of Year 10 Subjects below:






Dance Styles & Choreography

Drama & Theatre

Music Performance

Music Technology & Recording

Architecture & Interior Design

Ceramics & Sculpture

Graphic Design

Media Film and Television

Media Print Digital Photography

Painting & Drawing

Business Economics

Extended Investigation


Most Wanted — Legal Studies/ Psychology

Philosophy & The Real World — Philosophy

Mathematical Methods

Health & Human Development

Outdoor Education & Environmental Studies

Physical Education

Physical Education for Girls

Year 10 VET Sporting Pathways Program

Biomedical Science


Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing

Product Design

Fashion & Design

Systems Engineering - Electrotechnology & Mechanical Design

Computer Programming

Information Technology

Urban Cuisine

Junior Chefs

Special programs available at Year 10: