Engineering & Physical Science

Engineering & Physical Science Pathway:

Compulsory Units

Suggested VCE Units

Other VCE/VET Units

Any units from VCE or VET, as appropriate.

Selecting other units depends on which direction you wish to take after completing your VCE or VCAL.

Applicable VET Units: VET Laboratory Skills

This pathway may lead to:


Bachelor Degrees at various institutions including:

• Engineering

• Architecture

• Civil Engineering

• Aerospace Engineering

• Biomedicine/Biomedical Engineering

• Chemistry/Engineering

• Civil and Environmental Engineering

• Industrial Design

• Architectural Engineering

• Building Engineering

• Engineering Science

• Chemical Engineering

• Artificial Intelligence/Robotics


Diplomas and Certificates in:

• Engineering

• Applied Science

• Engineering Science (Applied, Physical, Agricultural, Chemical, Biological, or Health)

• Engineering (Fabrication Trade)

• Manufacturing


There are limited opportunities for students seeking employment directly from VCE/VCAL.

There may be some Traineeships or Apprenticeships available. Students exploring this as a pathways option should see a member of the Senior Campus Careers team for details and advice.

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