Pathways Support

The College has a range of staff available to support students when choosing their pathway, beginning with their Pastoral teacher.

    • Every student belongs to a Pastoral Group that meets weekly with their Pastoral teacher.
    • The careers program is incorporated into these weekly Pastoral sessions and includes access to career videos, career skills and interest audits, printed materials, guest speakers and websites covering career information.
    • Developing Managed Individual Pathways (MIPs) plans are an integral part of the Pastoral program.
    • The wellbeing of students is a high priority and issues relevant to students are covered in the Pastoral program.

When making choices about their future pathways and subjects, students are encouraged to consider studies:

    • They find interesting;
    • Where they are prepared to meet the challenges that the unit offers;
    • That lead to employment they find appealing;
    • That prepare them for further training/tertiary courses that they are considering.

Pathways Support Staff at Middle Years Campus

The Year 8 Student Engagement Team:

Gerry Maya

Year 8 Coordinator

Stephanie Tsoutsoulis

Year 8 PLO

Viv Morton

Year 8 Coordinator

The Year 9 Student Engagement Team:

Chad Rogers

Year 9 Coordinator

Elizabeth Ring

Year 9 Coordinator

Emily Parry

Year 9 PLO

Other MYC Staff:

Kelli Macdonald

MYC Assistant Principal

Danielle Jones

Curriculum Leader

Lalith Buddhadasa

MYC Student Welfare

Pathways Support Staff at Senior Campus

The Year 10 Student Engagement Team:

Lonni Allan

Year 10 PLO

Rachel Aiello

Year 10 Coordinator

Sean Graham

Year 10 Coordinator

The Year 11 Student Engagement Team:

Chantelle Dykman

Year 11 PLO

Karen Szitarity

Year 11 Coordinator

Kate Tassone

Year 11 Coordinator

Careers Team

Kate Clinton

Pathways Leader

Wendy Gordon

Megan Fox

Other SC Staff:

Tristan Russell

VCE Implementation Leader

Rory Henderson

VCAL Coordinator

Lukas Farfalla

SC Student Wellbeing