Millis Blended & Personalized Learning

Millis Public Schools

Millis Public Schools is a small Massachusetts school district of about 1,300 students. We have two schools -one elementary for PreK-grade 4 students, and a Middle/High School for grades 5-12. We have been focused on personalizing the learning of our students for the last decade. We continue to seek out ways to give our students voice, choice and learning agency.

Highlander Institute Presentation-April 7th

Highlander Institute - Blended and Personalized Learning Conference

April, 2018

During today’s interactive and collaborative session, Millis teachers will share their experiences of how learner profile data informs the revision of lesson plans for units of study. Teachers will share examples of learner profiles and class snapshots of the data used to adapt teaching and learning. We will also hear from students about their experiences. Participants will leave with practical strategies, templates for developing learner profiles, and examples of how teachers in Millis have personalized learning for students.

Session Resources

Learner Profile Templates

Make a Copy:

This link takes you to a folder with examples of learner profiles that Millis teachers created using Google Forms. These are view-only, so you will need to make a copy in order to have your own, editable form. You may also make a copy in order to distribute a learner profile template among classes and teachers.


Teams of teachers may work together to develop a learner profile for their grade level or subject area