Welcome to the Millis Middle/High School Library!


We also will have our first Virtual Comicon April 30! Check the Hot Topics page!

APRIL is School Library Month, Poetry Month, and Autism Awareness Month. The library has a number of resources for you to explore. For questions please contact us: mhslibrary@millisschools.org

Check out these resources in the School Library through Follett Destiny:




Plus check out some of the books available through SORA, the Commonwealth eBook Collection:

SORA is the Middle/High School's connection to ebooks and audiobooks through the Commonwealth eBook Collection. Download the app and sign up! (Check out this helpful slideshow to set up your account now!)

The Millis Middle/High School Library is accessible 24/7 for online resources and the collection. Use the Follett Link for another way to search, and check out TitlePeek.

(To check out physical books, please see the directions below. )

SORA for Millis Middle/High School
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Library Books: Check-out Procedure (10/2020):

Based on the CDC and library best practices, K-12 schools should continue to circulate books throughout the 2020-2021 school year. We can safely manage the school library and library materials. These are some of the safe library practices we need to follow:

  1. Teachers may send Mrs. Boissy a list of books students would like to borrow. This list should include the title/author of the book and the students’ first and last names.

  2. Teachers should email Mrs. Boissy to arrange for any book pickups or student check-outs. Then the teachers may send NO MORE THAN two students at a time to the library. Students need to know the title and/or author of the book they want. Mrs. Boissy will sanitize her hands, go to the shelf, get the book, and scan it. Touchless checkout: student may hold up the book for Mrs. Boissy to scan.

  3. A teacher may send a list of books they would like to place in their classroom. Mrs. Boissy will pull them together to be checked out to the teacher and taken to the classroom. IMPORTANT: allow these books to sit for 24 hours.

  4. Any student entering the library must use the right side front door and use the hand sanitizer. They should also use the hand sanitizer when leaving the library.

  5. Books should be returned in the usual manner to the book return bin. They will be checked in and allowed to sit in another box for 3-4 days before being returned to the library shelf with an extra two weeks (making it four weeks) for circulation. Every effort must be made to return books properly and in a timely fashion.

  6. Access to the library’s catalog system and Destiny Discover is available through the Middle School or High School website via Library Resources.