Welcome to the Millis Middle/High School Library!

Greetings! Check out the library - VIRTUALLY! Use the links to find books in the library, both in print and in eBook/Audio format. Videos will help explain the process.

Check out our HOT TOPICS page to see new books, current ideas, and celebrations. Book reviews will also be posted - and are welcome from you, as well! Just email one of the library staff!

Link to the SCHOOL LIBRARY TEEN COUNCIL page and learn how to be part of this student group!


Library Hours are 8 AM until 2 PM daily. Connect through any of the library staff. Questions may be directed to the Library Staff. Holds and pickups of library materials will be coming.

Mrs. Divver, School Librarian, pdivver@millisschools.org

Mrs. Boissy, School Library Assistant, kboissy@millisschools.org

Ms. Matthews, School Library Aide, rmatthews@millisschools.org

The Millis Middle/High School Library is accessible 24/7 for online resources and the collection. Check out our newest books in Destiny Discover! Library Resources video helps you find these ebooks.

ALSO - check the additional eBooks available now through MackinVia (until September 30, 2020.)

To access materials through the MackinVia site: Select Millis Middle/High School, username: millis, password: millis and the materials are available as eBooks.

Be sure to look at our eBooks - you can read them from any device! Need help? Check it out:

Library Search.webm
A visit to the library.mov

This video was from the last days before we closed in the Spring. Just sharing out (it had been for Seniors '19) but thought you'd like to see 'the way it was!