Welcome (back!) to the Millis MS/HS Library

First days of school: Wed. August 31 and Thur. Sept 1.

Visit the library and grab a book for your extra long Labor Day weekend

Summer Reading Wrap Up

More information to come...until then, the following links might be helpful.

HIGH SCHOOL book options

Middle School lists:

For INCOMING 8th Graders: Summer Reading Grade 8

For INCOMING 7th Graders: Summer Reading Grade 7

For INCOMING 6th Graders: Summer Reading Grade 6

Don't forget to check out SORA!

Check out these resources in the School Library:

Follett Destiny Catalog (log in with your Google username/password)

SORA (MSHS Library with your Google name/password)

Massachusetts Teen Choice Book Award Nominations! Read now, vote in September! Check out their link!


June was LGBTQ+ Pride Month. Check out our collection!

LGBTQIA collection SORA books for Pride Month

Goodbye Mrs. Divver, Hello Mr. Carter!

After 20 years in the Millis MS/HS Library (and another 7 at CFB!), Mrs. Divver is retiring. Our own Mr. Carter, HS English teacher for the past 14 years, is now our new School Library Teacher! Fully accredited, Mr. Carter will bring great new ideas and plans to the library, including Summer Reading and 'investment' in the Senior Project research! Never fear, Mrs. Boissy (and her mints) remains as the Library Aide.

Mrs. Divver thanks the students, staff, parents and community for a fun, supportive and enjoyable career in the library.

Thank you, School Library Teen Council!

Many thanks to the faithful few who helped this year in School Library Teen Council. William Leussis, Nicholas Roy, and Klara Sieczkiewicz came to our final meeting with great enthusiasm and plans for the coming year! Thoughts about a library Escape Room, Comicon, and Readers/Writers Group are on their list of ‘things to do’!

Although the middle school has just begun helping in this group, I want to thank those students who came and did help with such events as Literary Arts Night, Library month quotes, and suggestions for the MS/HS Library.

In addition to our above-mentioned trio, thank you to Kevin Brynczka, Mark Ghorbial, Abigail Kaye, Damian Magnone, Richie Sawyer, and Ash Trusevitch.

For more information about what the School Library Teen Council is, please check out this slideshow. Thank you for all your help and support! Keep it going for the coming year!

School Library Teen Council