Psychology at Millburn Academy

Welcome to Psychology at Millburn Academy! Psychology has been up and running at Millburn since 2002.

What is Psychology? Psychology involves the scientific study of the mind and behaviour of humans and animals. It is a fascinating subject with links to science, arts and social subjects. Psychology is a useful subject for personal development as well as being relevant to many career paths. The study of Psychology has the potential to promote the development of cognitive, emotional and social skills which will enhance study activity, self-awareness and the understanding of issues of personal relevance.

At the timetable change in June, pupils will study an Introductory Unit, familiarising themselves with the Course outline as well as the subject of Psychology itself. Following on from this, pupils will study three mandatory units - Research, Individual Behaviour and Social Behaviour.

Research - introduces candidates to the research process, research methods and ethics used in psychology. Candidates develop knowledge and understanding of factors to consider when planning and carrying out psychological research. They also develop numerical skills and an understanding of psychological terminology.

Individual behaviour - enables candidates to use psychology to explain individual behaviour. Pupils will investigate topics and learn how these topics can be explained using psychological theories. They also consider the strengths and weaknesses of different theories investigated.

Social behaviour - explains how interaction with others shapes social behaviour. Candidates investigate social psychological topics and use relevant concepts and research evidence to explain how the thoughts, feelings and behaviours of individuals are developed through interaction within the social environment. Candidates use psychological knowledge and understanding to explain examples of everyday behaviour.

Outside of the classroom, pupils are encouraged to keep up to date with the latest research in Psychology via the British Psychological Society (BPS) website - as well as making use of resources in the school library, local library and watching relevant BBC2/C4 psychology programmes e.g. The Secret Life of 4/5/6 Year Olds series.

All Psychology pupils are required to submit an Assignment which will contribute towards their final grade in Psychology. For more specific details on Course requirements, please visit the National 5 or Higher site at the top of the page.