We think it is all that...and then SUM

SUMthing to read

Fiction and Nonfiction

SUMthing to listen to

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SUMthing to watch

Television and Film

Stories are everywhere.

We exchange them, we embellish them, we entertain with them, we educate with them. As English teachers, we endorse stories in all of their many forms. Did you read this yet? I was looking at an article in the New York Times and… Have you seen this series streaming on Netflix?

This summer, the MHS English Department offers you a number of different stories. So, pick what you want to do this summer: Fight the system? Escape to another world? Turn a story inside out? Then, select one text source and one media source from that same category. Categories and text recommendations are available under “categories.”

In September, all of the MHS English teachers, in all levels, will use these texts to discuss the fundamentals of our discipline. There is no assignment, no patched-together-last-minute paragraph, and no back-to- school stress. All students need to do is come in excited to discuss what they chose and share what they read and experienced in print and in media.

This summer, we invite you to try something different, to find yourself in several of the remarkable texts that surround us each day. We believe that our 2020-2021 summer reading is all that--and then SUM.