Stacy Middle School Physical Education

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The Physical Education teachers at Stacy are:

Mrs. Brogioli ( )

Mrs. Harvie ( )

Ms. Whyte ( )

Please feel free to contact us by calling the school at 508-478-1180 or via email.

PE Course Expectation Sheet

Grading Rubric

Below is the rubric we use for grading. Students will be graded specifically on their conduct and effort, as well as their skills and knowledge of the activities.

Modified Physical Education Grading Rubric

To see the rubric in its entirety, click on the rubric, then click on the symbol that looks like a square with an arrow in the top right hand corner.

Changing Policy

Students are not required to change their clothes for PE, however they are welcome to do so. Students should come to class dressed in PE appropriate attire (ie. shorts, tee shirt, sweats, sweatshirt, leggings/yoga pants, etc.). Students should also be wearing appropriate footwear, like sneakers, in order to participate. Students who come to class dressed inappropriately for activity will be allowed to play as long as they are wearing sneakers. They will lose points from the Effort portion of the grading rubric. Students who do not wear sneakers will not be allowed to play and may be given a writing assignment, at the teacher's discretion. Detentions may be assigned to repeat offenders.

Stacy Middle School

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National Standards for Physical Education