Health & Wellness at Stacy Middle School

Dear Parents:

In recent years, the term health has acquired a much greater significance. It no longer means simple the absence of sickness, but refers to well-being of the body, of the mind, and of relationships among people. The word wellness is used for this comprehensive concept of health.

Every day students are confronted with important decisions about how to maintain wellness. They need to be well-informed to make decisions. They must also learn to act on this knowledge. In the health department at Stacy Middle School we teach and reinforce life skills students need to weigh options and to make responsible decisions that promote a healthy lifestyle. Connecting knowledge and behavior is our primary goal.

Family involvement is a vital part of this education process. While studying health, your son or daughter may come to you with questions or seek your help with various in-class or community-related projects. These are opportunities for you to share in your child’s growth and development at a crucial time in his or her life. With your support, students can make the right choices to prepare for a healthy future. I look forward to sharing with you our classroom’s exciting “health” happenings throughout the school year.

To your good health,

Mrs. Salley

Health & Wellness Teacher

Stacy Middle School

STAPLES Rewards to Classroom Teachers

Should you chose to purchase school supplies from Staples, please consider entering my name as a teacher under the following link:

I will utilize the savings to purchase additional supplies for my 400+ students that I teach in the 9 different classrooms at Stacy! THANK YOU for your consideration.

My class is based on the following beliefs:

Believe in yourself & be kind!

Stretch yourself – try new things!

Failure is an opportunity to learn – don’t miss the chance!


4 R's=

Respect Yourself

Respect Others

Respect Teacher

Respect the Environment (Classroom)

Materials - All students are required to bring the following items to every health class.

  • Chromebook
  • Pencil or pen


Participation*, Class work, & Homework 50%

Quizzes, Exams, & Projects 50%

* Participation is expected in every class although no formal grade is calculated.

Contact Information:

Mrs. Celeste Joy Salley

66 School Street - Room 321

Milford, MA 01757

(508) 478-1180